Why are the Good Eggs, Good?

Coffee is not something we can live without but Australians should be living without disposable coffee cups. Did you know that Australians dispose of 1 BILLION takeaway coffee cups every year?

A Good Egg takes 10% of the energy to create than a year's worth of disposable coffee cups. If you use your Good Egg for a year you'll reduce your greenhouse gases, water use and contribution to landfill.

Australian Designed & Made

All Good Eggs are hatched in our studio located in Myocum near the iconic beach town of Byron Bay.

Our Founder

Hayden Youlley is an award-winning Industrial Designer who has been hand-crafting porcelain tableware for over 10 years.

Did your Good Egg crack?

We understand that accidents happen. If you accidentally drop your Good Egg, you can box up the pieces and return them to us to dispose of responsibly.

To say thank you for doing your part for the environment, you can enjoy 10% off your replacement cup.

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